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cause pain and injuiy to the structures of the joint.

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ledgement that tuberculin was a failure was not a resident

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sion varies with the conditions. It would seem that

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functioning. He has perfected a technic of applica

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nancy but b rectal examination you fail to find any fcettis and out.side

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drawn and examined in tuberculous peritonitis the preponderating cells in

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been divided into three varieties namely external internal and complete.

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and to material from the hepatized lungs. Healthy dogs may

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Differential Diagnosis. Few contagious diseases of ani

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ty years ago with the legend below slightly varied

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colostomy. The mucous surface of the bladder is freely separated and its margins

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penetration through all the coats not merely an erosion led me to

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diplobacilli and very rarely in short chains. In smears which have

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much impaired and her muscular power diminished. On.

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neeative Right great toe presented two open wounds which were exuding

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the abdomen and that of the pleura being equally preserved.

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possible it would be to administer within the space of four

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treatment. Each of the two lads has been under my care on

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raising him up suddenly to the sitting posture for the same

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will wear truant officers badges and are to work both in the

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of the Select Committee and the promoters of the two Bills.

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senting the Government were present. It was determined

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third stage was completed..All with one accord lighted

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This Medical Section and the various sister sections into which our

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fractions of them. This is equivalent to an official notification that this

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The subject of X rays in diagnosis has become too large to be

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local notable or head man selected by each village com

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patriotism and indefatigable perseverance. On occasions

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The arms are likewise involved. The series reviewed in which the gastric

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to study the difference between the two methods you will readily observe

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of all the eye laws in the United States. In concluding

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the present time. It is divided into two parts the first

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three chief methods of sterilization available. Two

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himself in these words There be few men of this pro

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