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In the solution of the foreign body problem the bronchoscope has been

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clinics the number of fresh cases as compared with those of long standing

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municable diseases. It may also be used for the disinfection of springs

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the persistent cystitis which may follow unclean ca

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self with power to establish in all parts of Canada

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and regularity of personal habits but never venturing

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from the superficial layers of the serosa. Further

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the army in the field during the Spanish American War

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parades and other out door light duty put him in a clean

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etiological position of the organism and content themselves

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viduals are conducive to the production of diabetes. The simple production

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cancer might supervene it might be years afterwards.

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will not be on the side of augmentation. But a very substantial

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Inspected Milk. This term should be limited to clean fresh milk

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being informed of the progress of public health efforts in various

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seizures yet the patient appears to die from gradual suffocation

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these injections which first caused more or less re

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matic losses of brain substance which have healed after

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that very many physical and mental ills are thus pro

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of the exilla with the lymphatic glands. Volkmann was

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until his arrest able to earn for himself a good livelihood suc

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urethra was considerahle and he agreed with Dr. Vilks that

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where there is a little destruction of tissues in incised wounds

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Since Oct. there have been cases most of which were in

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used it soddens the part and spreads the eczema. Eczematous

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an original malformation this organ was wanting either wholly or

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seventy two hours. The line of sutures was covered with

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They are characterized by double hemiplegia or paraplegia increuc l re

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The mesenteric portions are approximated first by a

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fever that it was one of the oldest of heresies. He

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estis. Sometimes the pain remains in these distant parts and yet the attack

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acquire a stridulous or sibilant character most marked on expiration but

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the pressure drives the blood from the peripheral into the deep regions

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expelled in these parts conthiue these for an hour or two.

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