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and in drawing logical conclusions and that familiarity with instruments

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of naso phar nigeal polypus and describe the operation employed for the

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is a useful point in the differentiation from malignant disease. The progno

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drug whidi has acquired great reputation although we have used it

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such cases with an average output in two hours of. per cent. This

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senses and captivate an imagination devoted to pleasure and main

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and in helping to blot out the recollection of pain it

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a. articula ris inter na supe rior a. genu superior

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face of the small intestine for instance the duode

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airborne advanced echelon which would be gradually augmented by other

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In working with low external resistances as for the heating of

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tric pressure was somewhat higher than in October viz..

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the region of the scapulae and the region between them and about their

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organs or in the joints muscles or subcutaneous tissue.

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systemic circulation though it may happen occasionally that the infective

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change or scarring of the organ. Malaria has also been

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possible in order to obtain leverage for an artificial leg.

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familiar with the specimens of animal life that the successful stock

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pericardium and it was adherent to both pleurae more

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Upon superficial examination both he and Dr. Warriner diagnosed intussus

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particular pains to make his examination open and fair

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To require that all persons engaged in the manufacture im

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trary when discharged into water they rapidly diminish in number.

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be operated on by means of incision or extirpation.

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M. Dubois Reymond Comptes Rendus has related an ex

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Eighth Air Force Air Depot Group. About a hundred such transports were

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ness nauseous taste and repugnance to all food during the pa

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