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oculating the experimental pigs. As the control with the pigs
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by the internes. This is certainly a splendid showing
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Tio s were quite normal in the rest in number there was
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There is local tenderness over the spinal column and
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two great loose pendulous rolls reach backward to the arytenoid carti
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cases known in which one or more articulations could be dis
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lost there are few practitioners who will not continue to regard ergot as
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A badly developed boy witli a rachitic chest. Palpi
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in preparing and distributing free of charge the vaccine for blackleg.
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himself entirely to gynaecology and obstetrics. He is
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deep debt of gratitude to him. Dr Groom s results had been so
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within the last three weeks that our mortuary tables
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meetings depended to a great extent upon the secretary of
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heart and other organs. Increase of the quantity of night
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a statute for extinguishing the most fatal pestilence that ever
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was studded with pseudotubercles which contained no giant cells. H lt believed
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the anatomical condition of the local lesion on its extent and
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chotic episodes at recommended doses. In a few epileptics an

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