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ginning of the descending colon an artificial anus was es

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cians and so conscious are these eleven of their un

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place on the superior surface of the cerebellum and on the superior

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operations of which he had obtained the records was

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gut through centers located in the spinal cord. The impulses from these

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still more favorable results than those I have recorded.

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be found after such an examination. Einhorn believes that the congestion

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spaces next the sternum are remarkably widened the four

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treatment than early excision or amputation. The younger and

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duce ascites on the principle of Irritation from contact with the

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men came to Glasgow from the North of Ireland and after

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have a restraining influence on the melting of snow

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the head of the table thus steadying and elevating slightly the trachea and

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Herbert L. Yousem Research Assistant in Psychiatry. i

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all of these cases there was the same result a spon

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precordial pains due to organic cardiovascular disease

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it hould be tried in all cases of perforation of the mem

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hence has been called dens sapientia or wisdom tooth.

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angry if he is waked from sleep or if he is pinched. The

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upon the holder. Lewis recommends holding the pen between the

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appreciation for all time for the accuracy with which the changes noted

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in detail and their contents with such additions as were thought

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in cerebral facial palsy they do not disappear but are less

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ated by the length of time exposed. Pasteur has found that

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anatomy when the disease consisted of special cells and

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from devoting special periods to recreation. Our distin

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treatment may supei sede the necessity for weaning the

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When these facts are considered it becomes evident that it may

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burgh pointed out that the poisonous and injurious effects

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