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being called to the case for the first time I found

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Dr. McCoNNELL remarked that according to a report of

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procedure in Great Britain. Since then the stomach tube then a

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tion and Boston money helpful them in wining and dining a

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frequently the evidence is of the slightest that the animal in

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this reagent does no damage to clothing or fabrics.

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cocious was intellectually mature. This patient had

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attacks of gout he has gouty joints and in all probability

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While he had a strong hold on the confidence of the affluent

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by manual exploration below the false ribs. The blunt or rounded km

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bination and had mentioned that M. Caventou had given

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been observed during the patient s stay in the house con

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ascribe the origin of some cases of bronchiectasis to other sourcesi

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raising him up suddenly to the sitting posture for the same

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minations. Of a great many tubes j repared as described compara

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early in paranoia as to form almost the beginning of

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ceding months as to render indulgence in the luxuries

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To this hereditary cause of these two diseases we give the name

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effect. Tliese experiments then in some measure ex

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mately the same absorptive capacities although they differed

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wounded before it was recognised and the hernial sac opened.

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freely expressed opinion that the indiscriminate use of quinine as a

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aspects of the disease there was no such divergence of

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may be attacked as the chin lips nates and eyelids.

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yet misunderstood by Laennec and for the first time

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Dr. CouuiciN according to notice brought before the

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salts was given and retained. A soap suds and sweet

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of the discussion. What he meant by the late lesions of

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The Results of the Surgical Treatment of Inflammation of

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malarial cachexia and climatic deterioration of health only till

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