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question in its scientific aspect, and entirely free from the

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Congenital pigmented mole of the arm with axillary metastasis (Fig. 2) . . 238

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alkaloid. Stiychnia is, however, innocuous to the cellular tissue,

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and isolation hosjiitals began to be established. Before

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himself more or less paradoxically, and stated that separation

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derive indications for a rational therapeusis. To this end I have been

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mations of the cranium upon a too early closure of the sutures find an

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availablity of toxicology reports in files on the date of review.

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The Reference Committee offered the following comment in regard to the above resolution;

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family of the patient would make but little objection-

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centa previa, digital exploration is only meddlesome.

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With the assistance of Chamberland and Roux the method in universal

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tion. The lesson cannot be said too often. No less an

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making firm pressure over the epigastric region tenderness is often elicited.

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this increase may also depend somewhat upon a dis- '

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with the use of oatmeal instead of soap, and the local application of

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snbject of displacements of the uterus had occupied

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give it, for example, in the dose of one ounce every

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rial regions he sought a pigmented parasite, but not finding it, he

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To the charge of neglecting evacuations, I must reply; and diink,

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should not arouse undue emotions and make us overly suspi-

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gentleman of great worth and professional skill, procured

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tumour ; thoui^h it is generally advisable to do so. A

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ment by quinine. If neglected or when reinfection occurs they recur from

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modation is provided for several in-door patients, and the

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by Birt and Leishman, and the slight dryness and opacity of a

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