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prophylactic use of antistreptococcic serum. British Medical Journal.

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carotid on each side by the posterior communicating artery.

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hardly be granted to the full extent required by the argument.

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anchylostoma. But lately Giles researches in Assam have cast

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account of which appeared in the British Medical Jounial

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yellow cur and zoophiles who would sacrifice the welfare of the

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Welch and Nuttall were repeated with identical results both with the

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is a certain correspondence between the changes occurring in the

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ing to the character and extent of inflammatory complication.

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Pinus palustris L. Nat ord Coniferw and other species of pine.

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ern Association of Tropical Medicine held in Saigon

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tection of the public at large. Removal from the airless and

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Symptoms. The disease begins slowly. Before any definite

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falls out in intrauterine existence. It may bear some rela

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the infection corresponding in all respects to a laboratory inoculation

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of their occurrence first as showing the prognostic value

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the several classes where they have applied so far as we know upon

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abdominal wall a tense oval tumor could be felt while

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