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tute therefor an official journal to be published quarterly
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From the standpoint of sterility this which have called the
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Especially is this true if we consider the fact that
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education. A stimulating leader may accomplish a world of good
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course of the frontal and lachrymal branches of the
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children. For excessive intraabdominal pressure he ad
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up of those previously tabulated by Linford Hallet.
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physician used it in the diarrhoea of typhoid fever but we are
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served great benefit from the patient s not lying always
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drop and rise again on the same day. On the second and
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interstitial and generative portions continue to be
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left unredressed on earth and a man or woman left to
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to tlie atient liy the continued mitigation of the lain
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circulation. Tumors occur in this situation but they are rare and tlicir
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teose isolated from obstructed loops of intestine was injected into fast
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saying that he was not an adversary of the parasitic
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As to technique it is simplicity itself. An ordinary hy ioder
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placing the right hand on the handle of the forceps
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dislodges the excess paraffin and the tube is thor
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some definite cause to stop the sluggish stream of his
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to man has led to the premature clinical availability
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occur either as a complication or a sequel. Such instances have already
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Type No. in Entomological Collection Bureau of Science
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applicable to all cases such as when the child is fixed
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in their indulgence. On the contrary the grossly intemperate users
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finger tip. The head failed to descend and Cesarean
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percussion and to reckon the absolute flatness of the
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itemized and paid by warrants on the submission of vouchers
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liave reached me in a few hours instead of days as I
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capacity of the patient to receive and appropriate them.
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plague is much more insidious and difficult to con
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kinds of thawing upon frozen beef but failed of an opportunity. An
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made with great care and without any violence so that it did not

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