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shown in a table collected by Swithinbank and Newman. Of sam

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it was suggested that the normal colouring matter of the stools

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produced by the pressure upon the nerves and their end

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a craze for superfatting their milk and though the infants

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consideration of the etiology and pathology of these diseases. My

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unpleasant experiences. In all of these cases there

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bility. In every experiment the cerebrum may be severed and

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in a highly malarial locality. Exploratory laparotomy

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ence of insoluble toxins against which it was his aim to

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based upon the analysis of cases. Of the patients who

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mouth throat and even extending to the esophagus not infrequently

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and that the stout old gentleman with the white hair was not his

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this method of treating coryzas. I have recently re

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worn to keep the person comfortable and to keep the

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however became considerably collapsed but rallied after

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extent and the gravity of maniacal chorea whUe Clouston

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or may not be vomiting fullness of the abdomen is above

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but the number of these must be very few since the records are

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should be left alone or supported by a bandage. Chyluria and elephantiasis

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lines laid down by their Papal superiors. The atti

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begun to fade. A painful cough developed and by the following morning

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boards think and temperance societies get up in arms.

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tism acts as an additional cause in a predisposed sub

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ing out such problems of immunity the essential factor

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course this is generally the case if the inflammation attacks the outei

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This suggests therefore that syphilis attacks the apices of the lung

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these there were twelve in the primary stage either

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the Torula cerevisiee or yeast plant during the devel

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