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marked enlargement of the lymphatic glands of the latter by the lack

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has been used with success in chronic bronchicLs laryngitis and vesical

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The stomach contents an extract from Graham s and Guthrie s tables

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Paracentesis Thoracis. A valuable letter addressed to Dr. Clif

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course of the bullet is unknown the median incision is also best.

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Francois Blanchet the father of the first Education Bill in

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variable. Fhe history is also valuable in excluding this cause.

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remain as they aflbrd a useful stump for the adaptation of an

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This is the pharyngeal tonsil. In old age it becomes

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ulcer toward recovery is encouraged by the removal of all

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and an encephaloid growth sprang from the back of the prostate

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seek to adapt corrective measures to the magnitude of

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had returned to its natural position and the spasms had ceased.

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