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giving rise to much phosphoric acid by combustion. phosphorus contained in these

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duced in normal numbers but that they are very rapidly destroyed.

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hours in severe ones every three or four hours but more freijuently

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fibrous nodules and their lunated margins are also thickened

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he dies. In some cases the bones of the legs become so

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immune bodies. Nutrition to the tissues is increased by action of the

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catarrh with more copious and more Uqmd yellow secretion occasions

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could be withdrawn at as early a period as possible

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days with very little improvement in the ocular condition

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of the uterine veins and is sometimes attended with or pro

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marked for some time but patient eventually made a good

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who had been previous to this in apparently good health.

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The ripe fruit of Piminnella Anisuvi Umbelliferffi. Like

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the dens sapientice of that side became painful and the gum

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tion of entering at all into the consideration of this remarkable process

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rence of menstruiti n from the lining uiemljraue of

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sense and the power of argument which is there displayed but

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chest the apex of which raises nearly to tlie sternal

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the marshy parts of France. They cannot resist ague there unless

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Ordinarily the structure does not interfere with concep

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ments of his frozen members placed in a position of compulsory eleva

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with strabismus gradually cease squinting as they grow up

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The lungs are richly supplied with lymphatics which

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to the occiput. Ocular headaches are frontal or occip

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cal science his attention after lie had passed the meridian

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Our studies on the effect of splenectomy particularly in

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should not be practiced. With modern methods surgeons now open and

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antagonism there seems to be thus far according to cited

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the navigable river which had been promised as a base of

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Opium Act of the officers of State governments or of

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and a loosely meshed recticulum in narrow strands between the

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transmitted to man through the sting of this insect. The parasite circu

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the gouty subjects can distinctly trace their ailment to hereditary

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