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many infants thriving on four hourly feedings from birth. Re
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surgeon and continued in practice till the close of his
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application of nitrate of silver to the vaginal roof.
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upon the disease and will prove a prophylactic if given
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English medical papers as having recently taken place was for
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to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston where he
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that time she was suffering intense pain in the right ova
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tumors do not at first infiltrate and glandular metastases
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as could be fairly compared with those which by individuals in
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drawn up but it had subsequently to be divided. Inflamma
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quency. He thinks that it is aggravated by drinking habits. Stim
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During this stage the heart sounds are transmitted to the surface over the
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Eighth Air Force Air Depot Group. About a hundred such transports were
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a physiologist perceives in that expression of desire nothing but a long
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that he regarded aortitis as a potent cause of the affection.
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and its value was dependent upon the ability of the
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cun dl pe dis muscle from posterior portion of tibia
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air oxygen. A. lngen itus or lnna tus air in cavity
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ate effects. After sitting five minutes in the direct rays
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vote for the decision of this question the delegates shall
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The liver in persons who have died from hepatic phthisis
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inquiry it was found that there was a strain of white blood
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medical literature than that of the derangements of gastric diges
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cases in which the jiatient suffers the usual symptoms
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next directed him to lay firm hold of the wrist of the affected
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tion amp c. the prudent physician will scarcely ever order mercu
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response. The reflex figure which we have just described might be
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for Politzer has seen a case in a newly born child and Dr.
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on the utilitarian and ethical aspects of this modern
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The role of chemotherapy in rhabdomyosarcoma has changed from one of
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tumors could be easily separated into two classes one

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