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problem both by roentgenographic and endoscopic study before an attempt

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cirrhosis or for certain other obscure diseases of this organ and that some

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in the majority of cases considerable quantities of leucin and

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alimentary processes are not in their normal condition.

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was added until all the mercury was precipitated as an

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owing to the difficulty of establishing satisfactory

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muscles because of the consequent diminished burning of glycogen

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ed with pressure in two glass tubes of the form of columns.

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ers point to the prevalence of tuberculosis. In a more

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the direct cause of changes in the gastric functions or anatomical conditions

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done November th five hours after death. For this report

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following on secondary clearance of the supraclavicular lymphatic

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by sublimate and Luigi and Debenedetti are quite as enthusiastic.

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shed or other house must be well ventilated by having

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