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them having the fingers normal and the other exhibiting the

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of work and of the industry is necessary for satisfactory statistics of

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first suspected and a strong suspicion of arsenic in one fatal case

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disease and not also those who are to become victims after the passage

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Dr. SouTTiARn of Boston said he was inclined to think

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nary incision and it left the abdominal wall in a much

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inoperative. If the sleepiness is the result of a dis

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garding the part played by syphilis in the etiology of tabes dorsalis. Erb

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divisible into yeneral and local. The physician should procure an envi

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highly esteemed colleague the late Dr. George Ross.

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pended in water in doses of one half to one ounce three

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sisting of Drs. Sinclair of Boston Jenks of Detroit Groodell of

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the only reason Dr. Northrup gave for thinking these at

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three fourths of the cases. We examine the urine to dis

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in front the abdominal walls advanced freely about a quarter of an

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suture between the two portions of the frontal bone.

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cocious was intellectually mature. This patient had

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Probably those who have never tried the experiment wonld be sur

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yellow round pill valium

equilibration results when the middle peduncle of the cerebellum is involved.

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great spiritual services which the public health department and the doctors

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is of neurotic origin and infrequent. Pemphigus is an acute

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and auricle or these parts presented a flushed appear

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ence of insoluble toxins against which it was his aim to

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sive irritability of the epigastric sympathetic ganglia. This

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a rejoinder appeared signed A group of externes de

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cury given to excess in any form has a most injurious

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of the body during life s temporal existence upon which so much is

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