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Hippocratic deformity of the fingers is chiefly observed in persons

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their maximum growth are collected upon a filter and

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disease in animals by the injection of cholesterin into the blood. Uraemia is

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and dilatation. This explanation makes it very improbable

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sity of the symptoms but often leading to misinterpreta

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Of course the measurements made by the above method in man tell us

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rate of mortality cannot be calculated. Yet for the portion of the French

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and it required four trained men to manage one of them.

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case and by a statement of the anatomical points involved in the general

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measurements of pelvis but depended entirely on the

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catch forceps with horseshoe shaped blades to close the

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shut or from position. J atschner observed that on pulling the

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rule distinctly observed by them in the case of diseases known to have

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Wladimir Universitat in Kijew. Ins Deutsche libertragen unter

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greedy avidity in their anxiety to be restored to health.

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desirable to make a free opening after evacuating the fluid the

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will be held in Philadelphia on Monday May the day preceding

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of excruciating and paroxysmal pain shooting down the

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ces is a pathogenic agent coming from without and therefore must

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ould have a long rest and the advantages of change

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tion made by Dr. Bailey was a surprise to the speaker viz.

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vigorous treatment. In addition to the expedients already

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ported represents little more than per cent of the supply in the

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fuls of urine made the diagnosis of vesical prolapse cer

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lying on the plank beneath which the body lay. These gentle

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stronger in an affected limb. Trismus is preceded by

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measure during the last fifteen years. It is done with

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what is supposed to be the external migration of the

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statistics convince us there is on the contrary a lien

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The fondness of domesticated animals for salt is often referred to as

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marked functional disturbance that may be associated with a retro

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Unless some loose skin and mucous membrane is left too

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