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gastro-intestinal diseases water had been used with great suc-
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Then, after some study, I believed that I could locate the
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toxin, and then other pathologic organisms, and pus-producing or-
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naturally did not thrive well. She was thin and not
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only marked symptom. Tumor in the lower part of the
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strictly enforced, so that the student, if he pay any attention
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life, or biology. Both are alike occupied with vital properties, actions,
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applied gives rise to a good immunity in the inocu-
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mucosa with a diffusely red, raw, beefy appearing mucosa.
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tute for Infectious Diseases, to succeed Prof. PfeifTer, who
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joined the army. He was also extra dispensary physician and
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the cardinal symptoms were present in the cases nar-
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Normal red cells given to alcoholic patients with spur
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enterostomy, properly performed, insures a more permanent result than
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President; Dr. H. J. Smith, Lowell, Vice-President; Dr. W.
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persons opivmi is found to disagree, disordering their digestion
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and fifty pages, on the hygiene of children from birth to weaning, a
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the day is not far distant when the accumulated results of experiment and
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two levers ; the first magnifies a hundred times, and the second
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of a pale-red color, and a hard and firm feel. They con-
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M.D. Health Plan has submitted a bid to cover all state
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however, an accidental displacement of the colon, and in that
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Galifomia, Massachusetts, Florida, and New York. In that
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accepted excejjt liy a few authors. But further important
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otomy in its proper domain ; but a vigorous protest
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herself again. Ten months later she had an attack of aphasia, and two
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It is insoluble in chloroform and almost so in acetic acid or acetone,
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same results as would have been attained by the use of the galvano-cau-
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anasarca, or ascites, dependent on the abdominal enlarge-
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scrubbing with soft soap. Simple sulphur ointment (3ss. to §j.) should
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from five to seven weeks. In most of these cases, after
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lence, which renders the belly tense, and the patients, who feel relieved
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And again and again when alcohol has been properly employed in
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