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proposed to be prosecuted by each candidate shall he designated.

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there was not the least indication of any recontraction having taken place.

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data on heavy lifts, equipment requiring special handling,

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is more evident and more frequent still, and it leads

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their Annual Report. At a Managers' meeting, held subsequently^ on

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This incident is unique, we believe, in the history of

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clusions from it. The vital forces must be taken into

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an extremely cellular granulation tissue with crowds of giant

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the Prisoner went to a hairdresser's in the town, and desired to have his

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is a correct diagnosis. Convince the patient that she is not pregnant and

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convulsions (Parcy's convulsive drunkenness). This condition lasts for

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incoming vessel to be detained for two separate visits. This means, if

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administered it in four cases. The initial dose v\^as in each case

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ting the causes and methods of prevention of yellow

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views of many authors and his reasons for differing from many of them.

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suspense, and has called you for advice and protection from the dangers

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of red globules arranged in a peculiar manner. This venal affection

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causation of disease, but accept it as the spirit and soul and

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which ultimately caused the patient's death. The tumor

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tion, the examining agent will review the hospital's expendi-

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For an operating-table the kitchen- table will answer

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in their blood. Descendants of these trypanosomes have found their way

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roots of gentian and birthwort, tops of germander, ground pine,

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