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occur, and in some cases there are hemiplegias or monoplegias. Aphasia
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(Brown, Pearce, and Witherbee: Experimental syphilis in the rabbit. VI.)
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sociated with amotion of the head in the same direction ; never-
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OjgUial List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the United
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indeed is really untenable, we are bound to seek for some other
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tention as to type of disease) when it is desirable to produce an impression
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vaginal outlet is usually patulous — owing perhaps
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Webster, M. D., 1821 : " P^very family in Saint Michael has
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pathic doctrine. From the introductory explanations of these
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is to the effect that he was seized, on the 12th, with a chill, followed
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to Dr. Parker for his idea of rest as an element of
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pletion is as proper in gout, as in any other affection. There
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larger amount of urine, which is free of tubular casts. The abdomen is less tense.
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anevuasm became plain, and rapidly growing, the ex-
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the utero-sacral ligaments was often involved, so that
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ring the question of the purity of a water supply from a certain source
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ingly obscure. They are, however, for the most part induced by the long-
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