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the open stairs and be it Resolved That it is better to

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the expiration of two days more reduced below the normal size.

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The subject of personal purity alas is seldom if ever referred to by

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partial closure of the eye. The frontalis is rarely involved. In aggravated

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disease. Among the toxic causes the poison of uremia must be embraced.

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nerves are rarely affected. In one case the olfactory nerves

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It was suspected tliat it might be due to the presence

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ing an exact localization in the hemispheres of centres

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On the loth of September I repeated the operation. He

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to us in the Mecklenburg County Medical Society last fall and we have

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but this as well as more serious kidney lesions is probably

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of they arrived from the East at Astrakhan southeastern Russia

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Teale s spinal neuralgia from which it is sometimes difficult

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belly may afford relief. Injections of hot water into the bowel are

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cause most physicians neglect to employ these that they

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the enlargement of the spleen. Tenderness over the liver was also

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An important factor in the pathology of sea sickness

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ous tests of the battery were accomplished and much effort was expended on

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the flexor longus pollicis or by fusion of its coronoid origin with the

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His Royal Highness the Duke Charles Theodore of Bavaria elder

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on the st. On the rd four companies were moved into camp and

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studs or buttons well which are to hold the straps

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the existence of the more complicated capillary apparatus for which some contend.

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