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* To perform an operation is to mutilate a patient we cannot cure ; it should

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the atmosphere. Neither have we any proof, if the electrical equilibrium is

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We would not think of establishing a vicious circle

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measured by my friend. Dr. J. Parrish, who kindly assisted in the examina-

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Tennessee nnlversity Medical Department, Nashville,

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usual sense of the term, are incapable, per se, of convey-

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compare the doctrines and precepts promulgated in your school, with the

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thereby also relieving joint, strain; at the hip, the

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substances, as the latter, and especially meat, stimulate the

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To the Editor — Can you Inform me as to the requirements neces-

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of aquatic animals ancLplants, th£b^m|^<^ nitrifica-

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call ihe smaller Itimp the spleen, however, was hardly

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when I saw him, the congestion appeared about as great

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