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the uterus after it is emptied of its contents. This is

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Physicians in the State of Delaware and nearby areas of adjacent states

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to the loins and warm hip baths are employed to relieve the renal

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sickness during these years consisted of an occasional

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hours after death. The following statements taken from the postmortem record cover

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these so called cysts are found in the less firm and solid forms

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the tip of the finger and short snips of the scissors but at

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and soreness of the joints together with indefinite ailments precede the

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that abscess in the liver should be evacuated as early

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other herds. Cattle affected should be put on a pasture by

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left fourth intercostal space immediately below the shoulder

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nected with the control and extermination of the disease. The laws of S

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gerous. The man who smokes or chews tobacco is saved

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