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The treatment is very unsatisfactory as recovery from

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I was called into the case the patient was suffering

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improved distinctly. Then a holiday of some seven weeks

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should lie down several hours a day should not indulge in active

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temperature of about C. to test the effect of heat.

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The p hologic findings reveal circumscribed areas of

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learning anything. On the other liand little or none

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son opens subject to the approval of the Secretary of War. For

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epidemic of enteric fever. This hypothesis is one that has been put

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internal mammary veins the posterior terminate vari

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a painful impression and is not unworthy of serious attention. It was

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conclusions she had brought before them as also for the es beautiful

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and readily accessible to the hand of the operator not far

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in an advisory capacity and the expenses attached to its service will be

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for treatment are not isolated but complex parts of

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gically if the evolution of gas and the effusion of fluid threaten to

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perimental evidence supporting the fact that the great

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stances that while in En lt land the Government paid hut one

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dislocations etc. must be prompt and decisive you cannot

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work. The clerical force is altogether too large and

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The similarity between this table and that given in is

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through a long course of years and to return after operation.

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of the patient. After taking counsel with herself she summons

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absorbed by the water during its passage through the atmosphere.

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the right leg for which he used various stimulating liniments and

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it receives proper attention but also that its harmoni

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borders of the vein so that the lumen was merely dimin

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