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cess. We commend the book to the learned professions.

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Professor Hamilton considered it to be a melanotic sarcoma.

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the frontal region. The man was ill about two years

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animals especially the herbivorous horse and cow and the

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fevers and m septic diseases the splenic tumor may acquire excessive dimen

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asserted in connection with the opium treatment of psy

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bility and the predisposition to attack and the patient is again

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stem of a certain Fucus long before iodine was employed in civ

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normal retina contains the spider cells only in the

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the hall the superficial and deep rings the entire course of the

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It struck me that our New Jersey idea was one worth adopting.

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character. He was always active in getting the men together for an informal

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ture into another structure natural to the body though not to the

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the indiscretion of employing a remedy which in his humble

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has she ever been engaged in one great naval battle similar

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ment of the lungs might lead to a diagnosis of acute con

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dissector is then employed for further separation from above down

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cines accommodated to the present state of society and manners in the United

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rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis. The view of Pincus

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forms of active or passive exercises etc. The accom

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frost and snow are not unknown the cold is never in

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than we had previously evidence of. Among such specimens

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tension. The chief of these were paracentesis of the cornea division of the

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the individual enjoys a flourishing and robust constitution.

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may be of such a nature. The straining or violent sea

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Hutchinson examined him by the ophthalmoscope the pupil

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render it less valuable. He should make only such use of it as

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his chest with his finger and listened with an instru

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from the many changes in the Editorial management of the Southern

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external manifestation. As we cannot decide whether the

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the cases of cataract extractions performed in the hospital

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be advanced that greater security is afforded to the patient and

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