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loved by us all occur in this glorious list. With one

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cava. The treatment should be alike in both cases and

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In middle life man is susceptible only to tinea versicolor

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upon to treat an increasing number of patients with AIDS

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wound was closed by tension sutures through the skin and muscles

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from careful clinical percussion explorations that the fluid does not come

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with fibrinous exudations or they may be the seat of hiBmorrhagic

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or changes in the muscular substance so that the segments are imperfectly

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patient I found that the vomiting had ceased but that the

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lobe. The fibers run downward and outward crossing in front

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during an attack of acute rhinitis and the neighboring structures in

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duction of the soft chancre thus establishing the fact that

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or the lateral nasal walls. In pointing out the va

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of the examiner should be placed firstly on either side of the

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This disease very often follows delivery and is connected with

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Edmonds supervising teacher of the Batanes Islands for his unfailing

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before they have linally been recognized. In numerous instances the

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explicit written directions are given stating the number of

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retained the islands of Langerhans. The exact result

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cysts varies in its character according to the integrity of the

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tion of Certain Malpositions of the Head in Labor by

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The search for parasitic or cryptogamic vegetation with

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tion of the gibbosity in Pott s disease by extension

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put upon paper immediately after the patient s death and that

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tralize the caustic when it has accomplished what we desire. After

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the condition of the heart muscle. He has found by the

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self and open the deeper parts to the action of parasiti

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of local effusion and the latter remedy having lit

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