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But lithotrity gives such good results only when its appli

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Louis D. Ellis and Joseph Kessler for their aid with

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When recovery occurs the sensations gradually reappear caudalwards.

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Table showing the Fluctuations in the character of Chylous Urine and the

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of pelvic peritonitis but when there is present evi

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sponges. I still use a weak solution of perchloride of mercury

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Perhaps the most interesting consideration connected with this relation of

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contain but half the properties of the bark in varying proportions.

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or comfort without a proportion of it in the system.

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Dr. Christison supported Dr. Corrigan s view as to the

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In gangrenous cases he had never seen a recovery after

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rical which occur in an ordinary practice. The book lives

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Debridement was performed the day after injury. Three days later vision began to

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allows the partially digested gastric contents to pass the portals of the

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Some time the ardent worshipers at the shrine of the

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