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oxidative processes which are constantly ensuing there. When the

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diastolic blood pressure in the arteries produce a more vigorous

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the body acrodynia. They do not usually exist long before the

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influence of the bile. Sometimes the bowel movements are frequent per

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Before we can form a correct diagnosis in the class of cases

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pletely sheltered parts of its stuface amounts to o R.

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villi would project through pinhole perforations and

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hospital across the Rhine. None of the patients suffered any harmful effects

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Vertigo has been a symptom for two months past and has been

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presume the pus comes from the bladder. There is evidence of

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and by this he knows at once that the document has been swallowed.

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conveying the svphilitic taint. In addition if a perfectly healthy cow

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from the gastric juice the free ferment is invariably

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sharply at the melting point to an opaque mass which did not become

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pregnant state to be the stomach the bowels and the

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we suppose these evolutionary factors to have intervened in behalf of

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or four injections into the ear vein of the rabbit spaced at intervals

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as the Vocal. In babbhng or prattling vowels are produced in

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A GOOD deal is said in our text books on tlie treat

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newspapers or journals through coroners investigations or through

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The employment of this means has not however appeared to

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of Agriculture the Hon. Nelson Monteith himself has agreed

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is very objectionable. The inhalation of chloroform has been found of some

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marked asthenia associated with gastric disturbance. With no treat

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