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The Effect of the Roentgen Rays in a Case of Chronic

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time. He has not been able to find any case in the living

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tumours of early life or heterologous ones of later life whose

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per cent were myopic. Randolph reports a case of glaucoma in

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others I trust they are but few merely satisfied that

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patients suffered from fibroid growth of the wall of

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mental disorder takes the form of hj pochondriacal melan

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Death took place June th. The autopsy was made the next day

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changing into endothelioma or all three of these conditions are found

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for President George Henry Fox M. D. of New York Vice Presi

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in a syphiUdc. Vhat might be termed the products of the

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tended doing a total extirpation per vaginam hut after tying

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the peritoneum either deposited secondary to the disease of

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arrived on June. Flies mosquitoes and sand fleas were abundant and strict

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were met with in which there was no disorder of the

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Kingdom or of any other University specially recognised by

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idea. Where under other circumstances hypertrophy of the left ventricle has been

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else it could be. I looked into the throat because the

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lowing loss of strength and energy rising several times at night

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an attack of cold followed by hoarseness which went on for two

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Of the solidungula the ass is the most suitable animal although horses and

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infected children must be washed separately from that of

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tickling if produced by massage will soon disappear.

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taken and sufficient time given for obtaining a sound

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professional life. While in California he visited many

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in general request. Others will be added as the demands of

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boiler and in those ships where the water derived from the working

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Arsenite of Copper in Acute Infectious Gastro Intestiual Catarrhs of Infants.

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