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larynx followed by the skilful application of lactic acid

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hidden between the liver and the lung and does not show itself

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The same strength may be used as a lotion in conjunc

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time a saline may be given. Just before the bowels act

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crufhcd the irritability and fweetnefs of the mufcles will be pre

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some affections of the head and of the heart present subjects

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botli tlie Hydrochloric Acid and the Pepsin Take of Sheffer s Sacehurated

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nose must be avoided for some time after the bleeding ceases.

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deal of information not readily obtainable. It is accompanied bv

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lowing and constipation. In walking or in raising the head the

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mains for us to give an anatomo pathological description of com

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In the chapter on treatment the methods of Freud are

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organisms have been isolated and vaccines prepared. They

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contents of the pelvis are generally concealed from view by

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except the note is of a little higher quality. Remember that in using

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the franking privileges under the Children s Bureau Agency. Some years

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Sweating of the Feet. According to the British Medical

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nor diminished. The suture causes no inconvenience and will rarely need

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March She had an acute exacerbation with intense vascular reaction of

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which had so largely contributed towards the success of the meet

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knowledge had any symptoms which would indicate disease of

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a name for which even now we are not prepared to find

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cases thus originating will be included in my description of

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the stomach. In coxalgia this symptom is however subjective and is not

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justifies a more radical procedure. The advice that digital examination

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seemed to have no other effect. I had resolved upon my return to

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the neighbourhood of the London Hospital. She had suf

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and to corresponding variations in the fulness of the

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knowing what else to do indeed being fit for little else

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affection of optic nerve etc. For the past year how

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it performed without benefit. No advantage is to be expected

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The bulging of the left hypochondrium struck me at once the tumour was

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even from his boyilli years. Thefe circumftances may perhaps account for his

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Judging from what takes place in limbs attacked by gangrene we

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There have been widespread epidemics in India and China. The description

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