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colt should be trained and developed to make him as

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vaginal epithelium the vaginal folds become adherent to one

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seem to confirm the superstition. The dates of the story moreover are all

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the anus they are known as internal piles. A single pile will

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to neutralize the excess of the free acid secreted as a result

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has not produced too profound alterations of the tissues.

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In typhus the dusky face contracted pupils absence of all abdominal

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agglutinated with fecal matter which becomes dry and forms

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planned with a particular consideration for the dimensiaoe lt is

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decided on not dilatating the wound and the patient was perfectly cured. There

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about four fingers long the matrix was completely empty. On

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have not even the counterfeiter s excuse that we need the money for

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part claiming persecution and jealousy on the part of the medical profession.

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factors must be taken into consideration. There is a very intimate

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general treatment. The local treatment consists of mild tepid ablutions the

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Following this was told that her lungs were weak. Each winter

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tion merely It is possible that horror may sometimes produce

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Midwifery can place their names on the list of Maternity Pupils and

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excessive disruption of the blood cell freeing haemoglobin in greater

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by Dr. Alfred L. Loorais of New Y ork The Relation be

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be pulseless cold and livid for days together whilst the heart is acting

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on the left side were then recognized on the right side expiration became

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been in vain. The outcome is invariably a fee for Benny com

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between the experience at hospitals and at training institu

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was used the black wash was also injected and a Ba

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State or some other university college agricultural school or

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of Mr. Acton s recent work makes the following sensible remarks in

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lation of chloroform. Certified. We refer to this matter in virtue of

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that idiots might be improved. Some philosophers of the sensualists school

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others to provide the money required to make them efl ective.

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with localized pneumothorax than in those with large cavities it is

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This arises from the same causes as the acute disease

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evidences of endarteritis. The transverse aorta was dilated

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autopsy Schumann found osteomyelitis of the left femur

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skin and thus possibly in a thin person relieving the congestion of

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bad reputation of the cult. It is surmised that some early mission

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present part of the time the relations of the visual axes

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operation but this was not done as it was not definitely

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