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the pathologic process permitted a radical mastoidectomy greater losses could
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tubes which would be unnecessary if the tubes were numbered a
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at the angle of the jaw those necessarily which cor
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this source of danger. Accordingly healthy animals shonld be
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and died of indigestion two months after his accident. Ibid.
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comes on later during the course of the attack as in Case.
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c rtain points of support and bearing afforded by the
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the uterine artery before securing it by ligature. Care
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and recommendations were made concerning the possibility of his being returned
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think required as to the condition of the gastro intestinal tract in
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It is evident that all the writers above cited looked upon
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as they have been unable even after the most careful investigation to
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result of making him cordially disliked in many parts of
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equally true that it was the cause of serious and not in
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changes in GolFs columns in the antero lateral tract in
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panied by dropsy but it should be stated that the diuretic
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It is not at all uncommon for patients affected with.aneurism to
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dening. His work is to stop neuroses headache anemia and reflexes
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reluctance that he would consent to appear before the public as
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seem to be signs that the future will not see the wonder
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Health and submit to such examination as the board may require.
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flannel saturated therewith. Lay it on the abdomen from
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On October it was stated that she ate better but that there was
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of the final products of the destruction of haemoglobin.
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adhesions this condition was also ignored. He wished again to draw attention
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wound from the collection of subcutaneous blood clots.
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apparently dependent upon the presence of a local reaction or con
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blood supply. Also through stimulation of the lumbar and sacral regions.
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In the recorded cases the most marked changes were hyperaemia

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