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cific action on certain microorganisms in the body.
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only the Argyll Robertson pupil sometimes only the ab
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ment which he has found especially useful in the manage
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coupled with the depressing and annoying conditions under which his
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narum. Since then spirochete have been reported from Rhodesia
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it follows that it is only the general therapeutic indications
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the ileum had united leaving a stricture which barely allowed
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of the old essentials to the differences entailed by
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fundus being quite superficial in the uterine tissue.
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the iritis disappeared in the course of three weeks
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dominance of neither. Of the unsuccessful operations
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quires a chalybeate taste and yellowish hue and in
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certain number of modern observers are still considerably
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larger women s movement was represented manifestos would be drafted and palavras de
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Medical Councils are likely to be of little avail so long as the
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leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and. A Basic
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normal situation and the patient went on to her full time
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B Company of the Glasgow University Officers Training Corps.
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mation and that in making a diagnosis we should find contributory
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the colon or Gram negative group and is non motile.
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tion and all applicants for the licence with the exception of
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in prescribing the diet. The object of every diet is

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