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cently manufactured by Messrs. Mayer and Meltzer of Great Port

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Royal College of Surgeons that the arrangement of the

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of the population. During the twenty weeks ending with

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wound. The first case died after incision the second recovered

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On my arrival at Neosho Falls Woodson County late in the after

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quitoes in malarial countries and again it was I averan who

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examination shows that open operation should be performed

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have shown to find the normally perforate hymen pushed backwards

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lumbar region are hypertrophied and hard. The tumor was

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ments of waste the medicine thus acting in harmony with the

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tory stage of other diseases are not alarming symptoms. And the

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of nephritis which had come under his notice. He mentioned

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tissue but can be detected by auscultation in certain parts only. For

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sometimes impossible especially in the estivo autumnal infections but

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times a day. Du Broglis an officer in the French Colonial Medical

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the student of physiology will feel the impossibility

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standing they must exhibit a certificate of membership in some medical society entitled

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The father declined this method of treatment and brought her

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an hereditary tendency to gastric ulcer. This hereditary influence

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chronic form of phthisis have a well defined limiting membrane the

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edge in the practice of my profession. With loyalty will

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Britain at the same time he describes the operation as performed

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acquiring a knowledge of chemistry twenty years ago finds

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processes of obscure origin linitis plaslica and such like.

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that. inches of rain fell on days at the Royal National

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Jessett described this case. A woman aged was admitted

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they inferred that the results of my uterine manipulations

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was very actively stimulated. The next morning the Widal reaction

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endotheliomata either with the carcinomata or with the sarcomata if

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over the part where the carbuncle is forming slight

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ferent parts of the vagina were several small ulcerations. Pessaries of various

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of as living pathology. It would not be possible for

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them. In Thackrah s time many died in youth and few

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This is but a case others similarly treated will be the ob

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The following experiments were performed to see if prolonged feed

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proper system of dairy and slaughter house inspection was pre

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vised the accumulated powder being removed from time to time by

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