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weakened pulse. In the milder cases there were only unusual
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mico-pathological characteristics, depending solely upon
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107-131. — Wcstphaleii (F.) Ueber den microcbemischen
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of a series of mischievous results, for which it is afterwards and
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For an electuary, in subacute gonorrhoea at the com
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In one instance, the ingestion of boiled tuberculous lymphatic
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to have a decided influence upon the mucous membrane of the middle
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and private expense for the education of thoRe men and women
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upon reflection it appears improper to separate the
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began there, and the attempt must be made to overcome the
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floor ; it will soon be furnished, and it is to be hoped
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those of narcotism. The girl was a confirmed opium-eater, and this habit |
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I have seen of Fungus Haematodes. I have nothing new to
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first gentleman to record spinal anesthesia; he reports
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carefully examined anatomically by the naked eye and by
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became almost unendurable. There was nausea with retching,
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colour and acid saccharine taste, is laxative and re-
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on paper laid over the article to be copied. Ullathorne's
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14. Giffin: Clinical Notes on Splenectomy. Ann. Surg., 1915, Ixii, 166.
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mce of sleep patterns, and a subjective feeling of muscle relaxation,
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fecting the pulmonary valves, and in which the typhoid state
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others spoke eloquently in favor, while Dr. Baldwin took
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Both statements are untrue, for I shall show that a very
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Chicago, May 14. Dr. and Mrs. Gross sailed for Europe, where
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in the kidney, has remained very well ever since he left the
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of the attacks, with generally a hereditary gouty tendency,
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London: W. B, Saunders & Company, 1905. Cloth, $6.50 net; half
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reside chiefly if not entirely in the red corpuscles. Defibri-
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After the calling of the roll, the retiring president. Dr.
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As soon as the acetate is dissolved, the bulky gray precipitate
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size of the canal and the abundance of the liquid and gas. It
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ment Avas established, but nothing fiirther. Meanwhile
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over the method of Rose, in the precision with which
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ceptions to this rule, but the rule is still the same. And it is an ob-
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ably proi)liylactics, such as the .sulphate of quinine,
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friends of medical reform in " the land of steady habits'' seem
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dent redness at the place touched which increased in size, was visible about
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that the physician who was called in, knowing nothing of the previous
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and sleeplessness, have often paved the way for an attack of melancholia
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two reasons. One, he was not prepared to condemn it;
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creased strength of the patient should justify resection.
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Paralysis of the Insane, and of Epilef)sy. By George Thompson, L. R. C. P.,
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of the digestive canal. They are called purgatives, and are derived
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in holding a dinner-knife or a razor, or in firing a gun, are very different ;

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