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Culver s Root Leplandra Virginica. A perennial plant growing

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ture were due to multiple cysts or to a neoplasm. Under

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The tmdvr signed having tested JjACTOPJEPTIN recotnmend it to the Profession

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for which he said the three essentials were rest good

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take care to fit themselves for that employment by the know

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tion in such cases will however generally reveal the fact of tumefaction or

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tion it is in the depth of the orbit. The innermost one is

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rectly and through third parties. A page in the manuscript

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plumose. Thorax broad with distinct transverse suture.

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doubt and yet it is not unlikely due to an infection by the

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was used for medical purposes as well as X ray work. The result

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that these facts weakened the contention that the condition was due

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tion. We call this a postmenstrual mucosa. Gradually

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small sacs without apertures in the interior of which

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After long standing in the dessicator the product became crystalline

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bile passages with interference with the flow of bile

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gard them as different forms of the same species. Prof.

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uot impossible. The preparation was accompanied by a

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the plenitude of life and intellectual power and when associated

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bly increased amount of ammonia by Hallervorden in the

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poison when given to omnivorous animals has no more

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itself. It is explorative it is critical it is judicial.

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If the disease becomes established it will yield more readily if the

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ture and statistics of the subject as exploited in recent years

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