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the subsidence of the inflammation and the destruction dis

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Chicago Illinois on the Functions of the different portions of the Ce

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has chloroformed two thousand patients with only one

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the shortened and not infrequently indurated condition

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to be very much feared in conditions of jaundice. A number of deaths

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he learned that she was still alive and that the physician

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tbe patella about its center at right angles to its surface and

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being that of those best qualified by investigation and

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of science to be well acquainted with its real boundaries but it

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an ardent disposition and sanguine character are found

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and foul pus having originally supplied the necessary

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conditions which would have remained undiscovered under happier cir

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will not be on the side of augmentation. But a very substantial

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necessary exposure. If as much publicity should be given

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B. sporogenes would appear to be the most dangerous of those anae

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ities and softening are not uncommon causing the so called

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preliminary act in all cases of diagnostic laparotomy

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Pathological Laboratory and Captain Julian M Cabell

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factory and very unfair. There was a distinction to be

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of muscles only. Apraxia has been noted with cortical and subcortical

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by him at a recent meeting of the Clinical Society of

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the changes instituted but were the results of other

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the centre the ulceration extending laterally as well as in depth fresh

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said the question arose as to whether there really was

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curial method I have pushed to a great extent and its results

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foul smelling gutters into more foul smelling canals and

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mosphere of the tonometers and which must be proportional to the

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exammation of radio activity F stick supporting funnel G which is connected

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laryngoscope and a variety of specula enable us to bring vision to bear

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of Philadelphia based his remarks on statistics of ap

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I cannot feel other than grateful to Dr. Loeb for the words

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typhoid or colon bacilli and cholera vibrios Richardson Cushing S

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