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tures. Love of life and of life in particular as manifested

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hue and it rarely coagulates. Either the fibrinogen or the fibrin

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Medical Society. Whenever a delegate or his alternate are

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How about vaccination Let us remember two things while

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watching all those conditions which immediately affect

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pated. Although the large cavity had no epithelial lining a projection upon

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germs of the disease throughout the empire. For by their

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extent in cases of injury. By doing little ve do not diminish

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We are still troubled with a few unqualified practitioners in

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Herbert L. Yousem Research Assistant in Psychiatry. i

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the cervix. A follicular organ which sliould only take an active

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and nurse must enter the room the physician should put

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formly courteous and considerate demeanour. His decease lamentable in

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irritant the poultice may be smeared with camphorated oil.

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when brought in contact with them in order to determine what parallel

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Involving Subsequent Sepsis. Watson Cheyne Practitioner April

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little could be expected from them. When the vomiting

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forated silver tube. The patient felt relief but soon

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tent it becomes in the production of the cirrhotic inflam

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to us that a crusade of education should be started again.

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system of dietetics that is bound before long to rid

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organisms. This action is more or less specific in character so that

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III. Sometimes also as shown in Plate II the chorion be

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after bathing apply white liniment and then oil the bag with

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avert the occurrence of sejrtiea mia. The latter oliject

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knowledge gained by systematic observation experiment and reasoning.

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in Douglas space somewhat enlarged and tender to the touch the pain

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partition of which was as follows an increase in the

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