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stout piece of wire can be passed directly through the os calcis
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tion through the cervical syrapatlietic the vagus and sensory nerves.
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cent solution of acetic acid or of a ten per cent solution
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lishments. There are also other articles all treating
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tion and act promptly. Where doubt exists as to the proper
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dren many cases of falling of the womb are caused by mismanagement.
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blood some vessels having been torn. He favored the
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battlefield of two years ago in observation balloons or was listening to the
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theless recovered under what I now regard as inert treatment namely
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debility and a slight degree of emaciation and fading of healthy
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other departments before it reaches the printer. It is
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heart failure in old persons who were the subjects of chronic
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but secondary to the supreme question as to how malignant disease
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scarcely adequate for decent maintenance. He has seldom a reserve
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MCG is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution
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mild course of purgation as this and when such is observed aperients
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treatment promptly. The subject has now assumed such
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gestions but the principle is a thoroughly good one and might be
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ited lad of a very loving and affectionate disposition though
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