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miles from Teheran to Meshed overland last summer not ovei
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menced by which the organ would have been completely de
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or pale red uneven and dendritic but now it becomes rounded off
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anywhere else. His ankle is still somewhat weak and
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disorders and almost exclusively attack patients who have for a series
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EDITORIAL NOTE. Like many oj the other physicians wlio are contributing to this
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nothing to do it is never found in the medical wards and comes
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already been called to a culmination of critical circum
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applicable to all cases such as when the child is fixed
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pearcd. The lochial discharg e after parturition and
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frozen. The largest of these I saw resembled the section of a
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and an imaginary line continuing it posteriorly and
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attention its anatomy and physiology who may wish to under
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Here is a copy of a letter addressed to one of the most
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insects there are merely vertebral ganglia without the coeliac ganglia of mammalia and
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The diligent student of medical history cannot fail to discover that
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Postoperative management is defined as all the treat
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B. sporogenes would appear to be the most dangerous of those anae
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three calendar months from and after the date hereof.
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exactly in time with the first vibration in the auricle. Little regurgi
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a fatty granular degeneration and that the miliary tubercle alone
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infrequency must not blind us to the fact that such
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treatment described by Dr. Ayres was based on an er
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on the inner side of the first row of the carpus articu
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apparently dependent upon the presence of a local reaction or con
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offering great inducements to Physicians and Students
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The accompanying photographs of the patient Figures and
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Frances S. Barbusca B.S Research Assistant in Clinical Pathology
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these obstructions to the washing aivay of vegetations etc.
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does effusion of lymph into serous cavities. I look on tubercles

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