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nant disease had been set up. Kidney The capsule on the
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process. A prudent Physician watches a case of measles or small
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and eighteen months afterwards Inspector General of Health to the Army
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cer at the port of New York promises the speedy ap
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The mortality rate may be as high as when rupture is
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afternoon what were the proper gradations of draughts mix
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cessary and inexpedient to establish a special diploma in State Medicine
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so in their interest and should be paid by them. It has
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heat and stir until a drop of the mixture gives a pink
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furthers the secretion of milk. He uses tin fluid exti
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is identical vith that of Esmarch a director is intro
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exhileration caused by genuine effervescing wines is notorious.
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most important points in the treatment of these cases and
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and later he was appointed medical superintendent of Elgin
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of Epsom salts had been given without effect. Patient
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of evils such as uterine displacements etc. which now
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not only to arrest the destructive processes which for
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venes upon the pericarditis. In cases of hsemorrhagic and purulent
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nosis of early tuberculosis. Supplement to British Medical Journal
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pital the scrotum was found to be the size of two fists.
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canthi. A A severe catarrhal conjunctivitis with marked in lve
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circumstances as greater facilities for private practice amp c.
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of a pharyngeal diphtheria the usual
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heart have been previously healthy the patient will now be

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