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These patients, like chronic rheumatics, should be put

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make the water a little yellow. Dose — a teaspoonful every

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cess depends in large part upon the mechanical proficiency attained.

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s 1— ii-HCMcococococooociOr-io-icMT-iasasoocvii— 1— Citooi— iooOt-igjsqo

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country. The only recorded cases which I could find

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An. n. — On the Trefttment of TeUnns. By Campbell ds Mosgan, Sargeon to the Middlesex

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facts is that the nerves enable the animal to perform

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Elixiria, elixirs, are sweetened, aromatic, alcoholic preparations,

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l>le or farm, or removed, when and where the suspected animal was

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tissue with emigration of white blood corpuscles as the immediate effect of

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depression, and further they were chosen to correspond as

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tion of helping the various bodies engaged in dealing with the suppression of phthisis to

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arthropathy. Vet, the long immunity which the patient

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piers and groined arches of the best construction to

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decided leucopenia present ; on the former occasion the white cells

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white corpuscles are slowly beginning to degenerate, thus liberat-

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mortality of ovariotomy with the clamp was ticet^tp-live

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sent under a strict guarantee to be as represented. BURGESS NICHOLS.

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parietes, and (3) to form adhe.sions between the kidney and

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Transactions of the American OrtJiopcedic Association. Vol. x.

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is on the right side of the larynx and attached by a

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gressively, till in October and November it is barely 1 ft. below

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tered part. On the third evening he may be permitted to repose ;

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disturbance of the stomach with nausea and vomiting alternate it with

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