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Ledum answers to lancinating pain, aggravated by touch, and

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heir to. The old mixture of calomel, bile, and liver in therapeu-

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can wipe thick, dried saliva from teeth, lips, and cheeks.

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Was born June 9, 1848, in the city of Kiel, in the Ger-

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the abdomen during a campaign has passed through three

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Hospital, Poughkeepsie, New York. Many other responsibilities and

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removed nowadays without hesitation and without much

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covery : they know where to find it. Others need, seek, and

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tive changes in the cortex of the gyri that alcoholism has pro*


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most deceptive aids in diagnosis, and a dependence on them to

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her constant aim, and she attributes the measure of success

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splint. Removal of splinters from the carpus, even in

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cal College, on Sth Street. New York City, an institution

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forations, more rarely simple contusions, complete sections, the vessel

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Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the New York Post-Graduate

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by authors, — such as "inebriate automatism," "inebriate in-


pregnancy really produces a particular predisposition to pernicious anaemia,

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hemorrhage. This is produced by profuse loss of blood, whether from the

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but that any thing, to be even tolerably well established, needs

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Medical aid was summoned, and through the following year he expe-

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Dr. Wight married January 9, 1871, Mary, daughter of

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up to 102. -f-° F., and held with but slight intermissions for two

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F.R.S., LL.D., F.R.C.S. Eighth edition. Revised and edited

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Recovery' ' (Annals of Otol., Rhin. & Laryn., Mar., '04).

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album in alternation ; also gave brandy by the mouth, and rectal

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