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ment slips into the notch above the pulley over which the

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developed on the chin. No further of measurement is safe as any and

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after the injury and if associated with an increase of t Tnpany and

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rushing forwards and often labelled unreasonably epileptic

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drug and does not cause unpleasant gastric symptoms. It

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on tbe rigbt side wbile that on the left was nearly

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and well defined architecture. Corresponding with this in

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might kill germs if sufficiently strong. Well then there was

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us with that published after the first meeting at Niagara in.

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is scarce. Large swollen connective tissue cells in the submucosa often

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face of the ground and that the disease abated when the

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ficiently accurate to make it safely practical we must be able

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attacked with such severity that from to per cent were admitted

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Hippocrates recommended a change of climate and Van Swieten mentions

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Cases of Infectious Diseases under Treatment in Dublin

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involve the lower end of the jejunum and the beginning of

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patients. Elderly or debilitated patients mg recom

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a bone. She and some of her relatives who were with her

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diarrhoea voracious appetite hard and swollen condition of the

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Dulberg on the tasteful skill and thoroughness of execution

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ing among ourselves but there is this great difference that

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drailatioo wbieb h doe to a manifest localised ksion ie bacilli in

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treatment be employed We must confess that the method is still in

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complicated with erysipelas on the fifteenth day. The disease invaded the

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events with considerable danger to the people involved in their

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be removed. In this therefore as in many other cases where

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cases is apparent. A cold atmosphere that is air at a

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mation of the left eye ball. The sclerotica was covered with nu

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the results in cases of acute melancholia and cases of

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isfactorily diagnosed his malady the symptoms being

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indication gains further support if there is only a faint trace of

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mere breath of wind impinging on them will produce a like effect.

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fully developed scientific name of antipyrin viz. dimethyloxy

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renal lesion. The toxic injury sustained by the kidney is of grave

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teristic and show a diminution of haemoglobin in greater

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for the personal advancement of the members of the corporation this

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that the blood coagulates slowly in these cases is not a sufficiently

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