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nitrogen would balance. We are led to make this assumption because we
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dorsal kyphosis with lumbar lordosis. Quain notes two points at which
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the thickness of the smear the rapidity of the freezing the degree
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ing their teachers so well understood and so commonly
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to the Hopital dc la Charite and to the seven similar cases which
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tions are frequent occurrences. Obesity and diabetes are not rarely
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mon and in a few cases endocarditis pericarditis or
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tinguished as a physician surgeon than as an operating surgeon. His
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psychic side there is usually an incapacity for orientation in space. There
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metal or loose bone should be removed from the knee
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bral congestion. He does not consider his knowledge as yet sufficient to
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sels this is applicable to the healthy. The other is that
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were thickened tricuspid and mitral to a much greater
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only from the inherent tendencies of the disease but also depending upon
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severity of the eai lier symptoms the septicremic characteristics of the
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a coated tongue constijiated bowels and impaired ap
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in tap water for five minutes placed in per cent alcohol
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disregards the essential previous and present condition of
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Head varies from reddish brown to a deep red on section.
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fected pastures usually appear after two weeks and in case
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quarter may be seriously affected without similarly affecting the
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The nature of man is a deep a wonderful au unfathomable thing. It
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but embraced a large district of the country he enjoy
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The specific action of these contagia is an inevitable con

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