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the severe pains. External applications, electricity, etc. ,
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bearing upon the prevention and treatment. The seri-
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wfaidt uccim f i wtM e ml* in the toOowing oooditiooa: Certain ffiwnaes, Kr
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not through a mercenary motive, as j for congenital cataract to have improved
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that a condition of the joints not unlike rheumatism is brought about
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this country by Dr. Sexton is for the cure of otonhoea
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1. In lumbo-abdominal neuralgia the collateral branches of the lumbar
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merly I used nitrate of silver for granular erosion, but I
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i. This form of the disease, though mixed up with the various
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ing of palpitation, yet these gastric symptoms are very frequent concomi-
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study was conducted, and the measurement of different types
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houses by fresh air uncontaminated by clouds of dust
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ach from external violence, clinically considered, can be
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esophagus, and this organ, by reversing its action, commences to
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winter in Berlin by the Koch method, but derived no
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rior wall of the pharynx so that it was not possible to
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Classification. The animal parasites which may be met with in
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dition of the appendix. During this period he had removed 150
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pharmacologic effects nearly identical to those of cocaine. 3 It
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seem to me strongly to supjiort the view that bacteria
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The case seemed an interesting one to me, by reason of
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Wabd, Editor of the < North of England Advertiser.' London, 1872.
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an enlightened and rational therapeia are introduced
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An irregular area, including the point of rupture, ex-
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of force employed between the pains. Its presence reduced the outer posterior
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tion takini; place of the water inside the casinĀ«f and

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