Comed An Exelon Company

diabetic macaroni and vermicelli, gluten flour, almond flour,
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ration, like ethyl chloride, rhigolene, and such, are very useful
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tive. It is very interesting to note that this procedure quickly pro-
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character in the early stage. Thus, hemoptysis rarely occurs in a
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and particularly when certain other complications have arisen, such as
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taining sugar, — as from rhubarb, the tomato, the fig, the
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over. A bath of 99° F. would, if continued twenty-five or thirty min-
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study it thoroughly ; examine all parts, far and near, possible
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In the third or fibroid form the peritoneal surfaces are adherent.
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and, like many others, I am convinced that the measure has been
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centres, and how reaction ensues, producing a widening of the cutaneous
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poor old slave, whom he is torturing to death, the better to
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That thirty degrees would produce an enormous difference in effect
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eke out an existence. One large company organized last summer has
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very tip end of the forefinger or the point of a hemostat — will
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the initial febrile period, and deserves the closest attention. The indica-
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in part or altogether by high blood-pressure. Aconite also
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epidermis is always replaced by heat furnished by the blood circulating
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must be accelerated by this increased vis a tergo. The deepening of
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soak and poultice his hand and to return in twenty-four hours.
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salicylate enemata (oj — 1-0 — of the salicylate and TTLx — 0.60 — of the
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moved the moisture, but it likewise removed desirable volatile
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doses and then every four hinirs until ]iain and discomfort are
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tion. It is a well-known fact that only those acids contribute to
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These gentlemen reported that " of all the methods employed, that by
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Clinical reports show that A]iothcsine is as potent as the popular
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and may have some flavoring added, but this is really not

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