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discharge either into the pleural cavity or into a bronchus. The pres-

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tie combined in var}'iug proportions when the matter of expectoration is

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3. Sensibility suffers slightly. Anesthesia of the posterior cervical

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has taken place. In 11 cases stones were removed from the

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In the treatment of pelvic suppuration the abdominal route should be

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tion of all the apartments ; from none of these can the eye be cheered, or

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made of friends, collonnue!*, nnd others as to their individual

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eral Government is enough interested in any measure

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have been seen, especially in constitutional diseases, as gout and diabetes.

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purely nervous causes, e. g., in hysterical people and in certain cases

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"In April, 1892, on the ulnar surface of the third,

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the mode recommended hy Mr. Abernethy," except that a

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kidney that can be dislocated. In some the vessels are too short, in

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Cancer and its Non-surgical Treatment. By L. Duncan

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cyanate, Am. J. Digest. Dis. & Nutrition 1: 126,

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quently particularly good subjects for these experiments. Their

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case of eclampsia with necropsies in which the kidneys Avere examined

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France. Chicago : The Open Court Publishing Company,

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in pharmacy as a vehicle to suspend insoluble powders or

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