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idly undergoing decomposition the mind was untouched and

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ducted by the medical director. On his first day with the

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sections. In the disease was reported in four States in in

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marriage especially on the part of the woman. As compared with twenty

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bone the aid of. tenotomy will be required. This may be

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in prohibiting the departure of pilgrima frtmi the infLH ted

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as that adopted for calves which has been previously

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cr ssed my mind. On raising the sternum however the real

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It will afford to the non medical reader some idea of the number

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Secondly Does empiricism afford us any security against being so

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infiltration of the interarvtenoid space weight pounds tempera

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of the ordinary white mouse. I was able to transplant this tumor

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room during the night but the windows of the apartments

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use of the laryngeal mirror. In some cases with xix

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round and for five sixths of its extent covered by three

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the first of these heads are caries exostosis of the fangs necrosis

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that simple hydrsemia. with a loss of albumen adequately

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addition to its anaesthetic effects on the nerve endings an irritant effect

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by Dr. Guillermo Parra of Mexico who said that he em

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which is heralded in the over copies of The Journal of the

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great majority of cases when this is established it does not change. The

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patient to attend to another till the first was out of danger

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the margins of the lids which may be partial or complete

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acute myelitic lesions and that these should not be considered

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he scarcely feels when they are pinched bowels only moved

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body when the germs of such diseases happen to become

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half north. There were not more than deaths from May to Octol er

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frequency of pelvic disease on the left side in women. He finds

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sciences for the study of medicine the advanced age of

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with others and in a subordinate degree the prevailing occu

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out in light marvellously clear though it has taken a

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damage done to the myocardium and continues It is possible

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when the tooth is struck by an instrument by redness

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