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the integrity of the lumbar centres is in favour of the patient ; and life

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expected when it is subcutaneously given^ from its usual effects when

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178 Eundle : Bed Isolation of Cases of Infectious Disease

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tempt to decry them. In all affections, however, regarding immediate

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vessels, and through their agency the poison might have

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Important indications are to be fulfilled by remedies, but it should be clearly

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to diffuse among the people such information as may secure

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pendixes are normally attached to the logistic plan or administra-

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breeze. The noon-day sun filled with a mist of gilt the Golden Gate

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forms of life. At any rate, if such transformations do occur, the energy

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cessation of the treatment. The preparation is not on the market,

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again diverge and pass into the eye. The focus /, then, is the immediate

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audible in parts. He thus sums up the whole subject : ' If I were asked what signs

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the recent observations on the limits of communication of hard as

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recent epidemic of influenza, only the posterior and

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actual starvation. On such occasions, also, the surgeons

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observation at a very early period, and yet run on into cholera in spite of

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cities seriously affect the public health ; that the miasms disen-

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instance, she was reputed dead upon a recurrence of the fit. The

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performed by Beyea, is much too drastic a measure. In

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teach without surgical experiment. 2. The important fact that cases which have

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sulphuric acid is especially to be recommended. This remedy has the

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lungs are first affected, in almost all cases. How is this ?

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(J.-F.) Sur les fievres intermitleiites. In his: Lettres

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humors of diseased subjects ; that is to say, that they maintain the form of solid

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the authority. The book opens with an especially valuable and

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TREATMENT. Nature herself, if not disturbed by improper treat-

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