Children's Benadryl For Dogs Side Effects

salpinx and Abscess of the Ovary Following Abortion."

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can be interfered with, and the course of disease shortened or

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With regard to the treatment of perforating wounds, we

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fessor in the latter year. He has been consulting physician at St.

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R. Boocock, M.D., has removed from Coxsackie to Flatbush, Kings County, N.Y.

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parts, render the search after the artery more difficult, but

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orbit, while the lower one is simply steadied in place, to prevent

children's benadryl for dogs side effects

The second case was one of carcinoma. In this, irrigation

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by the dislocation of a vertebral arch, by splinters, by a

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of study at the New-York Ophthalmic Hospital, and a special course at the hospital

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made a good recovery, after having been given over to die,

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'■ .A Dissertation on the Mineral Waters of Saratoga," pub-

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which time the Bureau of Materia Medica and Clinical Medicine

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Physiology and Histology for three years, and taught these

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tiated. The power of homoeopathic treatment over many

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apparatus is that, whilst rendering the dressing easy, it at

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stitching, stabbing, shooting, or lancinating pain. Indeed, I

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to the consideration of the etiology, and some practical points

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the conscientious man has in the faithful performance of duty.

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bone is fissured or broken ; the fragments, whose limits are

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were opposed by the leading surgeons of this city, who

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Some fractures may heal like an ordinary simple fracture,

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perforation of one side of the bone, perforation right throtcgh, and

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nerve-action which determines health, and helps some sick to

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stage. These medicines are veratrtim and arsenicum. Veratrum

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very efficient injection in gonorrhoea, more especially after the

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Permit me, however, to guard myself against the inference,

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wondered at when we take into consideration the distressing

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readers the benefit of certain interesting facts concerning homoeopathy in Australia, which we

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the ills that follow in the wake of the disease — weakened con-

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ures were taken to complete all the past records of the Society,

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